Boat bed

Kids Boat Beds

Boys are mostly adventurous and want to experience new things, Kiddie car beds bring new boat beds for kids. Modern and stylish design of ship bed to give a unique look and style to your kid's room. Night time would be full of enjoyment for your little one with the charming pirate beds from Kiddie car beds. Made from ABS-Wooden and ABS Thermoplastic shiny material these pirate beds will be his favorite object in his entire bedroom. Modern and stylish, these designer beds will lend a unique look to your child’s bedroom. Designed to give the feel of being on a sea, the pirate ship beds would create a nice fantasy world for him/her. With our advanced and luxurious design, your child will have a comfortable and beautiful bed setting for himself. 

Our pirate ship bed for sale are of premium quality and are available at reasonable price. The lovely color themes will surely catch your child’s eye with a single view. Keeping in view the hygiene condition that a child requires, these beds are made of antibacterial surface and of safe grade material.  With a scratch resistant surface and easy to assemble the structure, these beds are provided with a manual complete with all the required instructions.

Buy the pirate beds from our online store with an easy payment method through Paypal or any credit cards and your bed will be delivered within 4-6 working days. Now, hurry up and surprise your child with this awesome bed.

Our sailor beds are manufactured from ABS Wooden which is perfect according to health point of view and scratch resistant surface. Our boat beds design in such a way that it gives a realistic look to make your son feel himself in the world of sailors.